If you ask someone – what is the worst thing that you could lose in the event of a house fire? Nine out of ten people answer ‘my photos’! This shows how highly valued photos are for the most people. A generation ago, there was probably a single box with photos and a few albums, and now there are piles of old albums, many loose photos, and thousands of digital photos. For this reason alone, it is good to sort your photos, and see what you have.

What do you want to keep, what do you want to do with them? And the photos in your mobile, what do you do with them? These photos also deserve to be organized. Photos tell a story, and it makes you happy when you can find and share them. I have been engrossed with all sorts of photos from childhood onwards, and I will with pleasure help you organize your photos. Go to Sorting and Making a story to see the options. Or make an appointment for an introductory meeting.